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Declaration of agreement Print E-mail
  • vehicle Scania 124G, trailer Kogel, as well as hydraulic helping arm are periodically strictly examined
  • It is not possible to operate them without these exams. The operation of hydraulic arm is also periodically trained- tested
  • Vehicle is not designed for extreme conditions (mud, not solid surface and etc.)
  • It is possible to use the hydraulic arm Palfinger only for given purpose. Physical possibilities of hydraulics are limited by the machine itself and security elements in it. The possibilities and capabilities are not and cannot be influenced by operator.
  • If these principles are broken, the technology itself and even human injury- health harm and possession damage might occur
  • Other helping material used for common performance of hydraulic arm as ropes, hooks,  anchoring elements, pallets unloading machine, pallets grab are also certified and periodically examined and operator is responsible for their safe performance in the working place


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